At the origins of Arcangues

Arcangues was founded in 1150, its Basque name Arrangoitze means “the top of the valley”. Arcangues is a city cradled in history, like Saint-Jean de Luz, its life and its notoriety have been partly built through history and the personalities who have passed through it. A story linked to a family of lords since the 12th century, the family of Arcangues who made this town a famous, popular and very touristic place on the Basque coast. In the past, Arcangues was the scene of violent fights and occupations and for many years it was representatives of the Arcangues family who took charge of the destiny of this village, among them Pierre and Guy, two men of letters.

Thus, today the heritage of the village is marked by this family, you will find the imprint of the Marquis Pierre d'Arcangues on many woodwork, this blue paint that we owe him now bears the name of blue d'Arcangues. The castle of Arcangues is a cult monument of the city, in which the family still resides. Other personalities have also marked the village, Luis Mariano famous singer stayed many times in the village from 1961, he is also buried there. These personalities have clearly marked the town and contributed to its development and reputation and continue to make it vibrate today.

The essentials of Arcangues

Start by appreciating the blue shutters everywhere, on the school, the town hall. It is the Arcangues blue inherited from the former marquis of the place. An originality in the Basque Country! Then turn to the Theater of Nature. Under the covered courtyard, you can see a stage and bleachers, but no doors. A little further on, visit the Saint Jean de l'Uhabia church dating from the 16th century. The bell tower is listed, its sculpted wood is majestic and the discoidal shape of the headstones of the neighboring cemetery are surprising.

Then comes the visit to the castle still inhabited by the Arcangues family. Occupations, fires, its turbulent past can be discovered in the museum installed on the ground floor.

After admiring the typical pediment where epic games of Basque pelota are played and the huge schist tables of the Auberge d'Achtal, take a look around the Thiry Merlo workshop. There, a local artist, fond of Basque dances, paints or sculpts scenes inspired by local history in clay and willingly shares her knowledge with passing visitors. On Wednesday, you will not miss a walk in the market on the village square. For golf lovers, the Arcangues golf course occupies a splendid site and surrounds the castle. The route takes its originality in the many uneven terrain. Arcangues is also home to a nature reserve at the Etang d'Errota Handia. On 9 hectares, the plant and animal biodiversity is astonishing. In addition to multiple species of insects, amphibians, birds and mammals, this is the habitat of an endangered species, the European mink.

Living in Arcangues

Municipality of the Basque Country, Arcangues is a renowned village with a rural profile, but which benefits from the proximity to the famous cities of Biarritz and Anglet. Made famous by the great Luis Mariano, this city with many unsuspected assets enjoys an exceptional location between the ocean and the Pyrenees. With such a strong historical and cultural imprint Arcangues undeniably lives to the rhythm of traditions, but does not lack modernity and youth and it is not for nothing that every year visitors from all over the world linger on this small village with an operetta setting. Arcangues is a village with a very strong identity, a hilly and peaceful area to which we owe the very subtle Basque nickname of “hemen bakea” in other words “here it is peace”.

A haven of tranquility with a very charming decor, which can boast of its proximity to the ocean, with very fashionable cities. The calm and country tradition added to the proximity and modernity of life by the ocean, enough to come close to perfection. The famous Arcangues golf course, which does not fail to attract enthusiasts and make the reputation of the town, will delight fans of white ball sports. Arcangues is the very proof that the art of living in the Basque Country is not a legend, between typical and picturesque setting, good manners and well-being, tradition, gastronomy and festivals, the good times await you in the Basque Country.

As far as the real estate market in Arcangues is concerned, you will find sublime residences in the town, large properties with large gardens, which are also well rented seasonally. The land is the opportunity to find a property at a lower price than on the coast while maintaining the proximity to the sea and enjoying the calm and serenity of the countryside. Ideal therefore to find a second home or simply to opt for a calm and peaceful life.