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How to manage your vacation rental

In case you have a property in seasonal rental, it is important to choose your rental management method. Indeed, depending on your proximity to the accommodation and your availability, you will opt for different types of management of this rental. Among the essential tasks for rental include: inventory of entry and exit, cleaning, washing and ironing linen.

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Unlike traditional long-term rentals, seasonal rentals require regular management and greater housing maintenance. Nevertheless, the profitability is much more important for the seasonal hiring than for a conventional hiring. In order to better manage your rental, you can opt for a personal management of maintenance or by delegating to specialized services.
Fully personal management
The most economical solution, personal management is the one that also requires the most availability. Indeed, you must take care of reservations but also the reception and maintenance of the rental.
Regarding the reception of tenants, you must realize the inventory of entry and exit which requires availability on reserved days. If you manage your own seasonal rental, you will also have to take care of cleaning the rental. Depending on the case, it is possible to include the cost of the household in the price of the rental (high-end approach) or to make it a paid option, if the tenant does not wish to clean by himself.
The cleaning / cleaning part of the rental is a crucial point: it represents an incompressible time that it is necessary to devote to be able to rent his house or his apartment in good conditions. The maintenance of your seasonal rental also involves the washing and ironing of household linen. Different possibilities are available to you: washing and ironing at your home, machines grouped in launderette, pressing to offer a premium service.
The personal management of a seasonal rental appears as the most advantageous solution financially. This solution can be the most suitable if you want to maximize your rental income, and if you have the time to manage all stages: search for the tenant, drafting the contract, receiving the deposit, the balance, the tenant and household management and the stewardship of the lease.
Delegation to a housekeeper
To facilitate the management of your seasonal rental, the use of a cleaning lady can be an interesting compromise solution. Indeed, you have the opportunity to hire a housekeeper who can take care entirely of the management of the housing: inventory of fixtures, intermediate and / or end of stay cleaning, washing and ironing of the linen.
By communicating perfectly and sufficiently in advance of the different arrivals, departures and possible cancellations, you will be able to reduce the time spent on managing your seasonal rental.
The use of a cleaning lady appears as an advantageous solution both in terms of the time spent and the price of the service. On average, hiring a cleaning lady to take care of your seasonal rental will cost you between 15 € and 30 € / hour. For this solution to be optimal, it is best to set a minimum number of nights for the stay, or leave it to the tenant.
To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is essential to have a relationship of trust with the person you hire. Before hiring cleaning staff, it is therefore important that you agree on the services you are looking for and that you provide the best information on your accommodation. To find your cleaning lady, you can go through different ways: word of mouth, advertisement or personal service agency. Before you commit to the duration, it is advisable to offer a first test to see if its services suit you to your requirements.
Appealing to a human services company
Among the solutions available to you to delegate the management in seasonal hiring, you can turn to the companies of services to the person. Indeed, many of these companies have now diversified their activities to offer their services for the management of seasonal rentals.
Because their staff is qualified for cleaning, maintenance, cleaning, human relations, these companies now offer a quality service to take care of your home. On the market of the companies of services to the person, one finds in particular: O2, Axeo Services, Azaé ...

Use a janitorial company
Along with the increase in the seasonal rental offer, many concierge companies have been created in recent years. These new companies represent interesting solutions to facilitate the management of your seasonal rental.
Concierge companies offer the services of stewardship to manage the operational of your seasonal rental: reception of the tenants, inventory of fixtures, cleaning, washing of the sheets ... Generally, these companies propose adapted offers according to your needs. Indeed, you can choose to use a concierge company for a la carte services, manage the conditions of entry and exit, cleaning and laundry.
Because of the offers adapted to your needs and to a billing to the service, the concierge companies are nowadays an interesting alternative to delegate the management of your seasonal hiring. Today many in this market, we can cite: Beautiful Home, Bnb-friends, Smartflux, Tranquille Emile, Bnbsitter ...

Delegate to a real estate agency
Another possibility is to use a real estate agency specializing in rental management. Due to the growing importance of the seasonal rental market, some real estate agencies have diversified to offer a seasonal rental management service. By using a specialized real estate agency, you will benefit from a complete service and whose professionalism is guaranteed. Among the services offered by real estate agencies, we find:
Publishing rental ads and managing reservations
States of places of entry and exit
Insurance in case of repairs or breakage
Housekeeping and laundry management
Verification of the good condition of the apartment and regular maintenance
Appealing to a real estate agency, it is thus to benefit from a quality and professional service. As for the financial cost, the agencies usually pay a percentage of the rental price (between 20 and 25%).
If this option is the most comfortable, it also offers the tenant a pledge of seriousness and guaranteed service.