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Sell a property

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Sell a property on the Basque Coast

You own an apartment or a house on the Basque Coast and think eventually to sell it?
When selling a real estate Basque country different steps must be taken into account.

Real estate valuation on the Basque Coast

Basque farmhouse, contemporary villa, apartment or property with breathtaking views of the Atlantic ... In order to enhance your property, the consultants Barnes Biarritz, specialists in real estate in Biarritz and the Basque Coast, propose to estimate your property real estate of the Basque Coast for free, based on the different factors influencing the price of the property and their experience of the Basque real estate market.

Real estate sale of a property

You made the decision to sell. We propose to define together a real estate sales strategy adapted to each typology of good as well as different approaches to arrive at an effective result as soon as possible. This will depend on the type of property, the adequacy between the desired selling price and the estimated price, as well as the desired time. It is necessary to determine a realistic selling price. The average selling time of a high-end property is 9 to 12 months. Actions must be taken to complete the sale within this period.

Communication on the property for sale

We rely on the national and international magazine press to communicate and publicize your property. Every week, we invest in materials that are consistent with our high-end positioning: in Le Figaro Magazine, Maisons et Appartements, or the Financial Times, as well as in our "Barnes Luxury Homes" magazines (published at 150,000 copies, and sent to all subscribers of Figaro Mag) of France.

Because today 90% of our buyers do real estate research via the Internet, we make a significant investment on our website, but also on many national and international real estate portals: we have to find buyers customers, where that they are.

A complete description is made on each property entrusted to us for sale. We send each of our clients in search of similar properties the file to present this new property for sale. This is followed by an exchange, telephone or email, to answer any questions, and trigger a targeted visit.

The visit of a property for sale

Each consultant of the real estate agency Barnes Côte Basque knows each of the houses or apartments that the real estate agency has mandate, and can thus accompany its buyers customers in their real estate project. As soon as the visit is scheduled, we warn the owners, to get organized, and make the house the best possible. If you are not there, we organize ourselves so that the shutters are open, and present the house immediately in its best light. We commit ourselves to make you a report by email and / or telephone of the visit, to keep you informed.

The negociation

Our role of negotiator makes sense in this phase of the sale. The goal is to converge the interest of an acquirer and the owner. If the price is the main axis of negotiation, there are many others: the conditions precedent, the time of release of the place, the deposit, the eventual purchase of furniture ... So many levers to find a agreement between the parties.

The promise and the authentic act

Successful negotiation, the offer is accepted by both parties. So comes the time of the drafting of the promise (called unilateral promise of sale), or the compromise of real estate sales (synallagmatic promise of sale). For this, we get closer to the notaries chosen by the parties, guarantors of the good writing, and obtaining all the necessary elements.

The promise commits the owner to the buyer (named beneficiary) to sell his property at a fixed price. The seller owner can no longer give up the real estate sale. The buyer in compensation pays a deposit of 5 to 10% of the value of the property, which will be charged to the price of the deed. This preliminary agreement constitutes a real "contract", which entails important obligations for both parties. It allows them to specify the conditions of the future sale and marks their agreement. It is therefore necessary to build all the elements relating to it.

Formalities prior to the sale require obtaining information from the civil status, urban planning (obtaining in particular the certificate of town planning), the cadastre, deposit in town hall the declaration of intention to alienate (allowing to this one possibly to preempt on the sale), mortgages and the bank of the salesman, to check the possible servitudes ... In the case of a request for a loan, the purchaser will have to justify his side of his steps and the result . These formalities generally require 10 to 12 weeks to arrive at the authentic deed1.

Diagnostics necessary for the sale of real estate

The sale of real estate property requires certain obligations on the part of the seller to be presented for sale, and others that will be necessary for the signing of the sales agreement, and the authentic deed.

Elements necessary for the sale, the taking of the mandate:

The energy performance diagnosis (EPD). This document, which has only informative value is nevertheless necessary from the commercialization of the good. The diagnosis must mention the energy performance scale of the dwelling (A to G), for the energy consumption, as well as for the emission of greenhouse gases. The validity of a DPE is 10 years.

Measurement of the area (Carrez law) is mandatory for apartments and condominiums. It is not for houses. If there is an error greater than 5%, the seller will have to reduce the price by the same amount2. Theoretically, its validity is unlimited in time until the property has been modified. Concretely, the notaries require most of the time a new square measurement for each mutation.

Necessary elements for the signing of the promise of sale:

Lead: This certificate of risk of exposure to lead concerns residential real estate built before 1 January 1949. A property having been checked with a statement indicating the absence of coatings containing lead or the presence of lead to concentrations lower than the thresholds defined by decree, will not have the obligation to be controlled at each sale, the initial statement attached to the technical diagnostic record being authentic.

Asbestos: This certificate indicating the presence or absence of asbestos relates to residential buildings whose building permit is prior to July 1, 1997. This statement has an unlimited validity in time.

Termites: According to the prefectural decree delimiting the zones concerned, it will be necessary to have a statement relating to the presence or absence of termites. The validity period of this certificate is 6 months.

Natural gas: The apartment or house whose internal installation of natural gas is more than 15 years old must be verified. The validity of such a diagnosis is 3 years.

Natural and technological risks: The state of natural and technological risks meets an information objective of the purchaser vis-à-vis the foreseeable natural risks (as floodable area), technological (like antennas telecom relay) or seismicity which concern the property sold. This document can be established at the same time as the DPE. It must be less than 6 months old.

Electrical installation: A property whose electrical installation is older than 15 years must be verified. The validity of such a diagnosis is 3 years.

Sanitation system: Homeowners, whether they are connected to the sewerage system (connection to the sewer system) or not (septic tank), must produce a document attesting to the equipment's conformity. This document is valid for 3 years.

Given the duration of validity of these diagnoses (apart from termites), it is advisable to have all these diagnoses made from the beginning to have all the elements to allow the purchaser to be able to be confident, and to make his choice of acquisition serenely.

Sanctions in case of absence of these elements:

The absence of one of these up-to-date documents (concerning lead, asbestos, termites, electricity and / or natural gas) on signing the authentic deed of sale may give rise to reduction of the price, either to a pure and simple cancellation of the sale in the event that a hidden defect would be proved.

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1 http: // ... can request a price reduction in proportion to the number of missing square meters. This action must be brought before the court of first instance within one year after the signature of the authentic deed.