The origins of Guéthary

This small village called Getaria in Basque is located between the beautiful Biarrote, Bidart and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, and it is full of wonders to discover and sublime places to live.

Guéthary, in Basque "Getaria" comes from the Latin "Cetaria" which means salting place, Guéthary housed a fish processing plant above the port. Indeed, Guéthary is a fishing town and this universe has left its mark on the village which makes it atypical. The city of Guéthary is, in fact, an old port, initially whaling, but also tuna and sardine, it is today a very coveted seaside resort.

The resources of the sea are therefore very important in Guéthary, especially from the point of view of leisure, indeed the beach and the surf spots make this city very attractive for lovers of the sea and water sports or for lovers of day trips. idleness. Loved by surfers, this city open to the ocean also seduces more than one visitor with its breathtaking landscapes. This village mixing tradition and modernity, lives to the rhythm of Basque traditions such as pelota, chistera, surfing; moreover, the neo-Basque architecture sets the tone in Guéthary.

Like many pretty towns in the Basque Country taking advantage of this proximity to the sea and offering sublime landscapes, Guéthary is very popular. Indeed, its many assets and its typical charm of the Basque Country make it a little more famous every day. Thus, its main resource today is tourism and since 1800 Guéthary has seen houses in second homes develop.

The essentials of Guéthary

Seasoned surfers come to Guéthary to face the famous "Vague de Guethary" also called "avalanche" on the beach of Parlementaria. We take surfing lessons on the beach of Cenitz in the hollow of a cove that looks like the end of the world. The beautiful beach of Arrotzen-Costa is classified as a nature reserve and the object of all attention, while the wild and calm beach of Alcyons is accessed by a rather steep path.

The surrounding countryside is worth a visit, especially the village of Hasparren with its beautiful park and its 19th century pediment which has seen so many great Basque pelota champions pass through. Hasparren is also the starting point for hiking, cycling or horse riding.

Many restaurants welcome you in the small village of Guéthary. First of all, Le Briketenia* is a family affair. Father and son in the kitchen deliver a cuisine that absolutely must be tasted. The products, mostly Basque, are beautifully selected and showcased. Taste contrasts and subtle dressings are accompanied by excellent sommelier advice provided by the daughter while the mother takes care of the hospitality of the place.

At Getaria, in a contemporary decor or in the pleasant garden, you can taste quality products, worked with precision by a young chef who has also won awards for his pâtés en èche. A simple and gourmet cuisine that does honor to the Basque Country and noticed by a famous gastronomic guide.

In addition, on the way to the port, the Txamara welcomes you in a relaxed atmosphere for a meal by the water. Regional products make up dishes with perfectly balanced flavors and very well presented.

Living in Guethary

Living in Guéthary will allow you to enjoy an exceptional living environment, between sea and mountains, in an authentic Basque village. Indeed, Guéthary is a very popular village on the Basque coast, benefiting from an exceptional natural setting.

The village also offers easy access to other cities and tourist sites in the region, including Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

In terms of real estate, in Guéthary, there are mainly individual houses, often in the traditional Basque style. Note that properties located near the beach or offering a view of the ocean are particularly sought after.

One will find in the village, houses are often built of stone and have typical architectural elements such as half-timbering, colored shutters and balconies. It is also possible to find apartments, usually in newer residences.

In short, from the apartment to the sumptuous residence via the villa, these properties of neo-Basque type for many, dress this municipality with a very privileged situation. Guéthary, like Biarritz, is one of those towns housing real estate treasures, exceptional properties, some signed by exceptional architects such as Pavlovsky or Godbarge. Two renowned architects shared between Basque and international references who have marked architecture in the Basque Country, such as Durandeau in particular who offered sublime villas to the coast. André Pavlovsky is also the author of the entrance lights to the port of Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Real estate in Guéthary is full of sublime properties, benefiting from an extraordinary location as in few cities elsewhere. View of the sea, on the Basque coast or on the mountain, the choice is great and makes it easy to fall in love. More calm and confidential than Biarritz, Guéthary does not have to be ashamed of its assets and deserves more than a glance.