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Biarritz, when Basque culture rhymes with luxury

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Difficult to talk about Biarritz without mentioning assets and charm, the Basque seaside resort is known for its wonderful landscapes and its undeniable quality of life. Between sea and mountains, it is one of the most popular cities of the Basque coast and for good reason, between beautiful waves, real estate of dreams and sumptuous surroundings it is good to live in Biarritz. In a region rich and populated with beautiful cities and villages, it stands out as the most popular.


A few minutes from Guéthary, but also very famous cities like Bayonne or Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Biarritz is famous for being a seaside resort very fashionable. This city with many wonders also enjoys a very privileged proximity with Spain, only 25 kilometers separate them and represents a real advantage. It is not the Biarrot (e) s who will say the opposite, the inhabitants of the city of Biarritz have a pace and a quality of life that many envy.

Between the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains, visitors have identified all the qualities of this city, both today and centuries ago. First fishing port, then favorite of Empress Eugenie, Biarritz suffered an economic upheaval and an evolution of its coast. Little by little, she became very popular with the European aristocracy and became the luxury seaside resort we know today. Tourism, especially luxury hotels and leisure activities around the sea are on the rise. Punctuated by tourism, but also luxury and of course surfing, Biarritz chic and refined seaside resort has nothing to envy to its neighbors.


Between the discovery of landscapes Biarrots, the show of the ocean, its events, places and leisure there is something to do in Biarritz. On holiday or living in the city every day can be different, organized around an activity, a walk or a sporting moment. The mild climate of this seaside resort, despite the rainy days offers beautiful discoveries in forecasts. Among the emblematic places of Biarritz, the rock of the virgin is sublime with a breathtaking view of the large beach of Biarritz and the Hotel du Palais. The Basque Coast and its sublime beach is also the ideal place for a surfing session, a jogging, a golf course, or just a stroll. So you will not miss the beautiful one that overlooks the place; the Villa Belza. Take a trip to the Church of St. Eugenie, emblematic monument of the city that pays tribute to this empress who helped develop the coast of the city.

Charming, atypical and full of history the old port will also charm you, do not miss one of the small restaurants to nibble some tapas admiring the view ... Discover the beaches Biarrotes also and take advantage of it to offer you a surf lesson, the less reckless they can try the stand-up paddle very accessible. You will notice very quickly once there the water activities abound and you will be spoiled for choice to occupy your free time. Museums, cultural and artistic events, but also sports are not lacking, do not hesitate to inquire and discover essential places like the famous museum of the sea, or the chocolate museum.

Are you rather shopping? It's just as perfect, Biarritz is home to superb luxury stores, but also more affordable and typical shops to bring back your memories and make you happy. Pastry and chocolate lovers will also be delighted by the local chefs, take a tour at Miremont, Adam, Henriet or Pariès, the pastry chefs and master chocolatiers.


The seaside resort Biarrote not only has the coast with the tourists, many people project and dream to live there while others realized their dream. What's more understandable than wanting to live in the heart of this simple and luxurious city at the same time? This is why today real estate in Biarritz is very popular and many have invested in second homes to ensure a peaceful holiday. Given the very high demand real estate in Biarritz have high prices when compared to different places in the region. Despite the relative decline in prices in recent years (5 to 10%) prices remain high especially in Biarritz and in very well placed places such as seaside for example. The price per square meter for an apartment is on average 4750 €, with a considerable difference depending on the neighborhood, and a possible sea view.

Many new owners are offering a property in Biarritz to rent it in the summer. But also those who want to stay for the holidays and eventually to Biarritz. Thus the upscale is on the rise, exceptional properties exist in Biarritz in different architectural types, from the traditional Basque house to the more modern villa. You will find sublime old houses, spacious, some up to 500 square meters, often in exceptional frames. Biarritz is home to rare properties in extraordinary settings, facing the sea, at the foot of the mountains, the Château Ilbarritz or other extraordinary properties especially signed by great architects are a good example. You will also find more modest goods adapted to your needs. 

So, if the adventure Biarrote tempts you do not wait and do not hesitate to visit real estate to find the rare pearl. If your budget allows, we can even find you a beautiful house with a view of the sea. We will also find you for much more affordable budgets of beautiful properties exist in villages a little further from the sea, especially in land. What to allow everyone to fully enjoy life in the Basque Country ...